Title: Triumvirate I   

                Description: Acrylic and mixed media on Canvas

                Size: 11 x 14 inches

This work was commissioned by VANL-CARFAC to be awarded to the recipient of the inaugural 2006 Excellence in Visual Arts Awards (Kippy Goins Category). This years historic winner is Bonnie Leyton,Visual Artist, Gallery Owner & Entrepreneur, and Community Activist.

The award winners were announced at the EVA Awards Ceremony on the evening of June 1, 2006 in the theatre at The Rooms. Arts journalist Angela Antle emceed the event.

Original Concept: Intended to honour the recipient of the Kippy Goins Category of the VANL-CARFAC EVA Awards. In keeping with the titles definition - "...a group of three notable things holding great power..." - with each panel representing one of three challenging elements of the creative process; concept, commencement and commitment. Each element bears equal weight, respecting the fact that artists approach their process from varying perspectives. Some arch-typically await a visitation from the muse with her gifts of spark and passion, while others forge ahead diligently, finding meaning in the discipline itself. Either way, one commonality they share is the under celebrated tool of the trade regardless of the end result, be it sculpture, painting, or script for video. At some point the artist must reach into the pencil box and ask 2B or not 2B in order to commit concept to paper. It is at that point when the artist is engaged by the sound and feel of the resistance offered from the surface to the tool.

Theme: These three central themes are represented in the work as follows;

Concept: Represented by fire, signifying passion, ingenuity, creativity, the muse with the gifts of energy, enthusiasm and inspiration that tend to singe the edges of our consciousness and often scorch the ineffable core of what drives the artist to create in the first place.

Commencement: Represented by the Lowest Common Denominator regardless of visual practice, the dependable ubiquitous pencil. Such a simple tool, yet in the hands of an artist it serves as a gateway through which we communicate and give shape to thoughts and imaginings from whatever otherworldly place they have been divined to us from.

Commitment: Represented by the machination of self discipline, the turning of the wheel the clockwork, ticking, droning, clicking of perpetuity that comprise our daily rituals and rigors we refer to as methodology.

Sequential prominence: Admittedly no two artists are alike and each will, through their own experience, have reached a balance point where they have realized, are realizing or are reevaluating an understanding of what best suits their inner creative soul. Addressing the varying order in which these challenges are engaged has been accomplished in this work by alternate arrangements of the elements, so that the issue of each artists varying approach to their work is given thoughtful consideration, with neither being given pre-eminence over the other.

Production notes: This commissioned work, true to concept, began life at the end of a 2B pencil. Once sketches had been worked, reworked and approved, the images were mapped to their intended surface. The contrasting elements have been intentionally juxtaposed with the application of medium, heavy weighted iron & steel receiving successive layers of light transparent glazes, the airy intangible image of fire depicted with heavy bodied Impasto and the deceptively simple graphite pencil with its more riotous Prismacolor cousins. 



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