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    Walk the Line Wednesdays: Week 4

    Examining Paul Klee's famous quote "a drawing is taking a line for a walk", I'll be attempting to challenge myself by adding a drawing a week to this blog, mind you, the idea for me is to keep it as simple as possible, laying down only the lines that are needed to communicate the idea.

    As usual, to see how these mere thumbnail sketches designed to be used for composition & value maps can be instrumental to the success of fully completed painings, check out the Gallery or the Available works pages on this site. Some of these will be developed into studies, others full blown paintings & quite a few left as is, in anticipation of future development. Priorities, right!?

    Week 4:

    (WW sketches 4) graphite 3x4"

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    Christia says (7-Apr-2018):

    When I saw this piece it jumped out at me because it remined me of a question we all ask ourselves at one point or another. What if? Just think about that question while viewing it...(one may have to go a bit deep inside ones ownself, but once you get will see it) I am totally in awe of this piece. Amazing

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