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    TOMBOW @ first blush

    Got me a set of Tombow Dual Brush pens for Easter. First impressions: They remind me of the early Letraset markers but much more soluble. So much so that great care has to be taken or the paper surface can easily become granulated and unaccepting of any further lay down. These have an issue with lightfastness and just like the older markers are intended primarily for work that is to be scanned then discarded as the scanned image is (or becomes) the 'final' work itself.


    Left: Quick sketch for `Pretty close, but that`s not why` using Tombows Grayscale  (Tombow test 1 4x5) - Right:Tombow Dual Brush Pens in packaging 

    Pros: Relatively good range of values. Works well for quick thumbnail sketches or for discardable mockups.

    Cons: While they state 'acid-free' this does not mean they are lightfast. From what I've gathered they will fade pretty quickly.

    Summary: As with any medium, preformance depends a lot on the substrate/paper as some are more and less absorbent. It takes time to learn control with each attempt. Overworking happens very quickly and can make the paper granulate so much that it just looks beat up.

    Overall: Not bad for its intended purpose, I just don't expect them to be anything other than what they are. Maybe with enough pratice I'll feel different about them. But for now, they`ll serve a singular purpose.

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