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    "It's too late to be scared"

    I was taking a line for a Walken this guy showed up and proceeds to offer unsolicited advice which as usual was incoherent - until it wasn't. Every Artists portfolio has to have at least one version of Christopher Walken. I guess he thought it was time for me to engage in that rite of passage.

    I initially intended to frame him in his own words, using some of his more familiar quotes/monologues, but was soon faced with the dilemma of - which one?  There are so many delicious gems to choose from and every fan has a favourite.   From the sublime 'Lion' speech of Poolhall Junkies to the equally threatening and yet ridiculous 'WRONG TONE' bit from Joe Dirt. To impose mine, could potentially minimize anothers.

    Art is supposed to be as much about what the viewer brings as what is on the canvas, so I left it open. I opted to let that half lidded laser stare do the work, seeking to find the moment when every speech he does is at it's culmination and you KNOW that the veiled threat is real and very imminent. The hope is that when you make eye contact - the words that define the actor for you will ring in your own ears. But in his voice.

    Better than a stab in the face with a soldering iron.

    "It's too late to be scared"  8x10" Mixed media on Stonehenge.
    Original and reproductions available / Contact me for more details.

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