I attempt to make art for the senses, both mine and the viewers. I approach my art with the attitude that I serve as one part conductor and one part conduit, so that the process is both in and out of my control at the same time.

I usually divide my time between two principle mediums, I begin with Conte for sketching & working out composition & values, if the work is asking for a loose approach I will generally commit it to painting with Acrylic on canvas, however if the work calls for a tighter realistic approach then Prismacolor on Stonehenge paper will be the path I usually take. Either way I am always trying to push the color just enough to make the painting vibrate to me.

Lately Iíve been almost obsessed with figurative work, the human form, from the most mundane to the more twisted postures that speak of pain, pleasure, anguish & ecstasy.

Regardless of the approach or medium, I strive to paint not what I see as the subject but what the subject causes me to feel and to impress upon the viewer that even the most simplest of objects has itís extraordinary moments if we would only take the time to pause & really see.


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